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Author Topic: My Ultimate Mashified Taters Recipe  (Read 722 times)
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« on: March 10, 2008, 01:06:34 PM »

Ultimate Mashified Taters Recipe

Being of Irish heritage predisposes me to an inherent love of Spuds, I love em Baked, French Fried, Boiled, Au Gratin, Scalloped, Hash Browned, Shoestringed, and Chipped, but the mainstay of my Tater consumption is the beloved Mashed Potato.
Over the years I have developed a recipe that I really enjoy and people who taste them say are they best they’ve ever had.
I don’t make them this way ALL the time, but for special occasions or otherwise special meals I’ll go that extra mile.
While I wont give measurements as I think every individual has their own taste and will figure out how much of what suits them best, I will share the basics here. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do around here
(in fact I have a pot of spuds simmering as I type, better check em…BRB…)

OK they’re doing fine. So then. On to the recipe…

But first a few Rules.
Rule #1 Do not boil the hell out of your spuds, you’ll cook all the goodness out of them; bring them to a boil then LOWER THE HEAT TO A SIMMER!!!
Rule #2 Do not over-cook your spuds, if they just surrender to the fork when stuck they’re done
Rule #3 Spud need to be cooked in salty water, adding the salt while your mashing just isn’t the same (don’t ask me why, just trust me on this!)
Rule #4 Don’t cut spuds too small, they’ll suck up too much water

I use a combo of Idaho and New Reds (Idaho’s are a bit grainy, the waxier Reds balance them out, I prefer to go heavier on the Reds, a 2:1 ratio is good)
If you like some peel in your spuds, leave some on the REDS, the Idaho have a thicker chewier skin.

OK, so now you have your cooked Spuds lets dress em up a little…
I has already have a mess of Garlic roasted in the oven, only takes a few minutes to get cloves soft, just wrap them in aluminum foil with a drop of EVO.

I add
“Better than Bullion brand Chicken Consume” but powdered chicken Bullion will do if you can’t find BTBCC where you live
French Onion Dip (to taste)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Chive & Onion (also to Taste)
About one Tablespoon of real Butter per Potato
Chopped Parsley
Fresh Chives (if/when I have them growing in the yard)
Just enough whole milk to bring them up to the consistency my family prefers
MASH BY HAND, if you use a hand blender they are WHIPPED POTATOES

You can also get sneaky and add some Cauliflower when your cooking the spuds, they add a nice flavor and it’s a cleaver way if getting Cauliflower past the mouths & into the stomachs of little kids and fussy eaters who swear they hate Cauliflower
Well there it is, my Ultimate Mashified Taters Recipe
hope you like em as much as we do around here, now excuse me but I have a Meatloaf in the oven that needs some checkin’ out…

P. S. These Taters are NOT for Weight-watchers, I got nutzo with the creamcheese, butter and onion dip, so mine are probably in the neighborhood of a zillion calories per serving!

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