I think the lost art of the modern day man eating and preparing his own food has gone away. If grocery stores did not exist most people in our society probably would not have enough meat to eat. We should all teach our youth to hunt and fish to provide for themselves just in case their is a day that modern grocery stores are not around to provide fresh food. Even if grocery stores are still around, I think it is still important for young people to know how to stalk and harvest wild game. Harvesting large game may not be that much of a challenge but small game hunting should not be over looked. For me personally I don’t know what I would of did back in my college day when I did not have very much money, if I did not know how to hunt squirrel and rabbit. Most people say they will not eat wild game but as I learned in college, when money is low and meat is not abundant, hot squirrel dumplings and rice is really tasty.

The only thing the one must has to watch out for is gaining weight from eating too much wild game. Most wild game is very healthy for you but some of it like wild hog and some water fowl is very fattening. Must people add a considerable amount of lard to wild game when cooking it, because it does not have enough fat. I noticed my weight creeping up but it did not seem like I was putting on very much fat. I researched about what could be causing this and I learned that when you start a exercise program you gain muscle and not fat but you need a good body fat analyzer to be sure that it is muscle that you are actually gaining.

After months of working out and eating a diet that consisted most of wild game I noticed my clothes becoming more loose and weight started to go back down. This made feel a lot better because I love to be outside in the woods instead of cooped up in a gym on a treadmill or exercise bike.